Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Start

You will learn to duplicate how the SFI system works with The Ultra-Simple Plan here:

 How to learn to duplicate?

 Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.

Business starts with YOU. 

Your goal is to earn as much as VersaPoints (VPs) to qualify yourself as an Executive Affiliate in SFI every month.  To become one, you need to log in daily to learn how to earn VPs and accumulate as many VPs from the any combination of purchases, web sales and actions.

In other words, you need to acquire the knowledge how to earn VPs and earn them. The more VPs earned the higher take home commissions, higher rank and shares of the Executive Pool of TripleClicks for a minimum of just 1,500 VPs a month. These VPs can be earned in various ways: 

 1. Transfer Buying-the fastest way to become an Executive Affiliate

Instead of purchasing your regular purchases from else where online, purchase them at whereby your are transferring your regular purchases to YOUR STORE. There are VPs and Membership Reward Points (MRPs) attached to the product.  By doing this, you could easily accrue 1,500 VPs or more for you, thereby earning your EA status essentially FREE!  The choose is yours to decide if you wish to become an EA immediately.

2.  Web Sales-a simple, straightforward method to be an EA

Simple refer customers who are not in SFI to You earn the VPs attached to the products and at the same time earn 45% Direct Commission of the Commission Volume (CV) of the products your referred customers purchased, thereby earn EA status with as little as one sale!

This method normally takes at least 45-60 days to produce the VersaPoints necessary to earn EA status.

3.   Earning VersaPoints doing Actions-a method that allows you to earn EA status from team building and doing important actions.

Each time you complete an action listed on your SFI To-DO-List, you earn the VPs attached to that action.  Some actions are worth a point, some 10 points, some 20 and some as much as 150 points.

It is recommended to log in daily, do the tasks needed to accumulate VPs and learn how to earn more from team building.

 Recruit at least five active affiliates using the suggested methods.

Never be contented earning VPs by yourself. Promote and expand your business by recruiting people who are willing to work with you as a team.  

Lead and teach your team mates earn as much VPs as you can. Be an example and a model to your team mate. It is worth looking for someone to work with and earn together.  Here you need to work as a Team. 

You need to teach your team mates how to earn like you do. For doing so, you'll able to lubricate your income thru VP Matching.  You can earn VP Matching on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations down-line and on every Co-Sponsor Affiliates as well when every they become at least an EA status or more like you.

The marketing strategies, tools and aids are outlined under the Marketing Tab in your SFI Homepage. 

Take note:  whether you use the free, paid or co-op advertising, there is no guaranty the the newly-signed up affiliates will be active.  Only 2 to 3% of those who signed up will be active since most job seekers and opportunity business surfers wants to earn big money immediately.  

There is no "quick rich scheme" in SFI.  However, business with SFI and TripleClicks is proven to be an income generating one.

Before shelling out a single cent in paid advertising, try to use the free method first. Although it takes more time, effort, patience and hard work, it eventually can get you good results.

Take note: Before you start your advertising campaign, here are some pointers:

1.  Create a new email address separate from your personal email since you will be receiving plenty of confirmation letters from ads hosting sites.  Clean up the inbox of your new email address so that it would not get full.

2. Select key codes and append them in your gateways so you can monitor which of your ads is effective or not.  

3.  Post your ads started Tuesday 12 noon CST. The day and time where most people are active online.

4.  One major mistake that an affiliate commit is they search and place their ads on free classified ads hosts online without viewing the subsections of the ads hosts. Make sure that you place your ads on free classified ads with "work at home", "home-based business", "business opportunity" and etc subsection to drive viewers to your ads.

You can find plenty of free classified post ads hosts from the Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can post your blog or website featuring SFI and TripleClicks on social networking sites like Facebook,  Twitter, Digg, etc.

 Teach five affiliates the three steps. 

Make sure they understand, follow the steps and duplicate to make their online home-based business with SFI successful.  

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