Saturday, March 28, 2015

What is the best way to help my affiliates build their downlines?

I presented this question to the SFI Community.  Mr. Andrew Anderson, a Silver Team Leader from Arizona, USA got the top voted answer.  I highly appreciate and recommend his answer to all SFI Affiliates and to all who want to build a business with Strong Future International (SFI) Marketing Group.  Here was his answer:

I have a plan that works wonders and is really simple to do. 

1. Tell them about the 3 buttons at the top of the page and make sure they go through the 30 days of training in the Launchpad because they will not be a success if they don't understand their business. 

2. Make sure they are committed to working daily at least 1 hour a day and becoming an EA2 because these are the minimums needed for their success and by minimum I mean encourage them to do more if they can. 

3. Make available a Paid Advertising Co-Op but give new affiliates a chance to earn a share of it for free. You can offer something like $20 per share or generate $20 in TripleClicks Sales in the month. 

4. Help them set up a blog, preferably on their own domain name or a subdomain off a Wordpress powered blog you own. Don't recommend trashy free sites like Wix because you will be penalized for the acts of every SPAMMER and Scammer that uses them, and be looked at as amateur and unprofessional. 

5. Show them how 1 blog post that get's 10 visitors a day can add 300 visitors a month to their banners. Show them that in a year they could have 52 such post writing just 1 a week or 365 such post writing one a day after just 1 year. Teach them how to use Jetpack by Wordpress to syndicate and socially share their post so they build links with each new article and have a chance of their content going viral. 

6. Be sure when they are writing blog post they are writing great content and not advertisements. Nobody clicks on a blog to read an advertisement, they will however click on a link to go to a article on cooking pea soup that has an ad on the page and if the ad appeals to pea soup lovers it will get clicks and generate sales and sign ups. 

7. Help them teach their PSA to do the same. 

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