Friday, April 03, 2015

Which is the action you should recommend to your downline to focus on with your SFI business and why?

There are many actions in SFI for which you can earn VersaPoints. Which action should recommend your downline to focus on and why?

I have the option not to answer this question.  However, this would be my answer:

Our first objective in SFI is to earn as many VersaPoints as you can each month to qualify yourself as Executive Affiliate in order to receive a share of the company-wide Executive Pool of TripleClicks with a minimum of just 1,500 VP a month. There are three (3) ways to become an Executive Affiliate:

1. Transfer Buying

Transfer Buying is the fastest and easiest way to become an Executive Affiliate. Instead of buying the product you need from other store, You can buy them at TripleClicks and earn the points attached to the product you purchased.  It is advantageous to those who can afford and pay the added shipping costs of the physical items purchased.

2.  Web Sales

When out referred customers to, we earn 45% of the Commission Value and the VersaPoints attached to the product your referred customers purchased. Your referred customers will be your lifetime customer.

3. Earn Action VersaPoints.

Each time you complete an action on your SFI To-Do List, you instantly earn the points attached to the action.  The tasks are divided into Daily, Weekly, Monthly, TripleClicks, Leadership Team Support and Intermediate Actions.

You can be an Executive Affiliate every month by earning VersaPoints from the combination of purchases, sales and doing actions and earn shares of the Executive Pool of TripleClicks with a minimum of just 1,500 VPs a month.

Focus yourself selling items of TripleClicks and sponsoring  team mates to lubricate your take home pay.

If you will review SFI Compensation Plan, the activities fall under to major categories to earn more money: you need to play the role of a salesman/saleswoman to earn VPs from Web Sales and sponsor affiliates to earn the unlimited VPs in Leadership Team Support.

Never be contented earning by yourself, teach your teammates how to earn income as much as you do.  You'll earn and become successful in SFI if you support your teammates. 

I hope I have shared to every affiliates and potential affiliates of SFI my viewpoint on what activities to focus on to make you business successfu

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