Thursday, May 14, 2015

How can an affiliate earn Versapoints without any monetary investment in his/her business in SFI?

How can an affiliate earn Versapoints without any monetary investment in his/her business in SFI?

It is very vital for an SFI affiliate to earn Versapoints to qualify himself/herself as Executive Affiliate with just a minimum of 1,500VPs every month.  The Versapoints earned dictates one's share in the Executive Pool of Tripleclicks business rank and take home commission.

From where would one can earn the required VersaPoints?

1. The fastest way to earn VersaPoints without any out of pocket cost is to sell products use everyday at, to prospective buyers who are not an affiliate of SFI.  This is what is referred to as VersaPoints from Web Sales.  You earn the Versapoints attached to the product and 45% of the Commission Volume Direct Commission. The more products you sell, the more VersaPoints you'll accumulate to become an Executive Affiliate.

2. Each time you refer an Entrepreneur to sell their products to, you earn 100 VPs for every business entrepreneur referred that listed an approved first product. Furthermore, you earn 10% royalty income on the Commission Volume of the all products sold by your Referred ECA member.

3. With the use of free ads hosting sites one would able to earn unlimited Versapoints from Personally Sponsored Affiliates who become Executive Affiliates2 and Team Leaders every month.

4. Log in daily to do the tasks listed in SFI Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks.

5. There are various prizes in the Daily Grand Drawings.  If you are lucky, you can win as much as 200 VPs from the  Daily Grand Drawings. Join the Daily Grand Drawing is free. You have to log in daily and do your daily routine

6. Join the Hourly T-Time Drawing is free.  If you are lucky, you can earn 2 TCredits from this drawing in a day.   I happen to be very luck winning many time in this Hourly T-Time Drawing and Join the Pick the Price at TripleClicks Auctions to win more TCredits that are convertible to VPs in joining the Pricebenders Auction. 1 TCredits per bid equivalent to 1 VP.

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