Monday, June 15, 2015

What do you need to know and do to be successful in SFI?

SFI offers diversified business opportunities for it's affiliate to earn unlimited income. SFI system can make a new sign-up overwhelmed and confused oneself where to start.  You have to focus on the basics of business.  Learn to:

  • Start earning money by accumulating Versapoints;
  • Increase your earnings by generating sales at;
  • Maximize income with Sponsoring and Duplication;
  • Add supplemental income streams.

To start with one need to focus on: 

1. learning the SFI Basics: 

2. Read, understand and follow carefully your daily launchpad lessons: 

3. Log in daily and follow carefully every day your "to do list": 
If you think you can be really serious at this business and like to get a shortcut to boost your income, watch this video: 

Here with is a list of steps on how to start: 

1. Start at Getting-Started Actions-By doing the tasks required under this Section, you would earn as much as 965 VPs; 

2. Go to the Intermediate Actions-You will earn 220VPs for doing the tasks. Click the Capital Letter V with a number on it after reading, understanding and reviewing the articles. That is the number of VPs you earn doing the tasks required. 

3. Read the articles and answer the questions at your Launchpad Lessons: You can do the tasks within your first days in SFI to earn 450 VPs. 

4. Log in daily to do the daily routine. Follow carefully every day your "to do list" to accumulate 1,500 VersaPoints and get qualified as an Executive Affiliate: 

There are diversified business opportunity programs for people who want to learn and earn at any level of business interest one have in mind. One can earn in six (6) different ways that would boost one's earning. For more details view: 
Experience is the best teacher in life. 

Let's start doing things since no one who would do things for you. Start immediately and earn a fast track badge on your first 24-hours with SFI. 

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