Friday, May 27, 2016

Earning from Recycling

This might sound crazy to some but it works.

I met an entrepreneur 3 decades ago who said this:  "Rich people won't waste their time dealing with junks.  They prefer the latest brand new items. Before you can create something new, the first thing you'll do is destroy the junk thing."

The idea seems evil. Have a deep thought. Where are the source of materials to create a new one came from?   Honestly true, here are no other source but from the junk.

Spend a part of your time reflecting and you'll realize that you stressed yourself earning money to buy new items and  have wasted some valuable junks which you can convert, create something new and sell it to earn.

Come to think of this, there is nothing to loose and won't spend a cent to create something new.    

Monday, May 23, 2016

Surfing with a Purpose

Internet began from the development of electronic computers in 1950. Anyone can have an access to the information with just a click from a hardware (computer, laptop, notebook pad/smart phone). Let's thank the developer for a job well done.

Are you tired surfing?

When you convert your surfing time in monetary terms, you'll realize that time is more worth as gold. Look for the reliable source to surf. 

Surf with a Purpose!

There are diversified reasons why we surf:

Some people surf to gather information to learn more. Avail yourself with a free encyclopedia online.  Never deprive yourself learning and sharing information. Visit this site:  Wikipedia.

Buying can be done online and offline.  There are some people who do want to save their time and prefer to purchase items they want where ever they are online. It is just a matter of a click on a hardware and can easily compare pricing from various web stores through the Search Engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, About and etc. Do take the risks receiving items they purchased and paying addition added costs on shipping charges.  

Most of them does experience high risks receiving the item with a lead time. If they are not satisfied with the item, they can return the item paying shipping charge added value. Refund the proceeds less what restock cost incurred by the seller for a lead time.

Be a wise buyer.  Before you purchase the desired product you want, compare the prices, shipping added charge and lead time you you'll receive the product you'll buy. Use the Search Engine to find the list of the best stores in your locality and the world.

Some online sellers surf to compare pricing scheme of their competitors. Some ended up losing sales for just a cent or more. Some surf to look for a web to host their products through Search Engines.

There are Search Engines that provide a list of job.  Link yourself with the reliable source. If you are seeking employment, surf from this: and

Do you know that you can monetize your surfing time?

Have fun and earn from surfing here.