Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How can you earn from Google AdSense?

There are plenty of business opportunities available in the Internet where you can earn money online.  You might get excited, confused  and unable to decide what business venture you'll engage in.   

The simplest  way to earn online is to create a blog.

Creating a blog is some what a place where you can express your thoughts and opinion.

Some entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars in advertising, a blog is a place where you can market and promote your business, products and services.

In most cases, many blogs are written purposely to help others by providing informations and solutions to some people who are experiencing the same situation.

The Art of Blogging helps you connected with like-minded people like you. You'll able to find other people in any part of the world including your  family and friends far from home who shares videos, photos, thoughts, opinion, etc.

In some case, people start blogging just of have fun. Writing and Sharing what they love doing.

You can earn money through advertising and other related income generating activities with your blog site.  


To get started, sign up to have an account with Google.  Your G-mail email account is your vehicle to have access to other products, services and programs of Google like Blogger, Google Adsense, Adwords, and m
any more.  

To make a blog that is hosted by Google with a subdomain of, you need to sign up with Blogger.

Having a blog with Google won't cost you nothing since signing up is free.  Writing something that you know best is your capital investment and you won't spend a single cent sharing what you know. You can probably write on  topics which will be the most profitable for you that are relevant that everyone would love and learn from.

Honestly, getting started is easier said yet hard to get done.   The key to get started earning from your blog is make you blog pages complete and in accordance with the Webmaster Guidelines that Google sets out. 

Once you have made your blog adhere to the Guidelines, you can sign up with 
Google AdSense.  

They will review, evaluate the content of your blog or website and determine whether it pass the required set standards for monetization.  They will sent you a notification whether your blog or website failed or qualified for monetization.   

If your blog qualifies the set standard for monetization, you are required to revise your blog layout to give space for ad placement.  

For displaying ads with AdSense for content, you as publisher receives 68% of the revenue recognized by Google in connection with the service.  For AdSense for search, publisher receives 51 % of the revenue recognized by Google.

View how you can earn from Google Adsense here:

Post blog or website regularly with a good content on your blog or website. You need to incorporate photos, slides, videos on your blog so that it will appeal viewers.

Hope to see your blog or website online. You'll  earn more money as you progress.


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