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How to be a Seller of an E-Commerce Store?

Be a seller or a merchant of an E-Commerce Store

There are E-Commerce Stores that allow you to list products and services online with other products they hosts.  Some charge you for a fee before you can list your products and services.  You can search these sites from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

There are e-commerce stores online that charge their fees after your items are sold. Here, your e-commerce store host receives payment from your customers and remits your customers’ payment net of their hosting fee.   

To illustrate how does this works:

Here, the e-commerce store will require you to list your products or services and submit the payment service provider where you want to receive the payment for your item when sold. You'll receive a notification from the e-commerce store that someone has purchased an item or needs your services.  You need to ship the item and provide the delivery tracking number of the items you have shipped to get paid.

You can be an online seller with:

1. (Online Selling at a member of the E-Commerce Program of

Go global! Reach millions of shoppers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web.

Put the marketing muscle of over one million SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products in over 20,000 cities in over 200 countries!

No listing fees and no risk. Simply sign up, upload your products, and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount only when you make a sale.

 TripleClicks further facilitates sales growth for you by providing you with your own, customized "TConnect" Website, a multitude of payment options for your customers, wish lists, gift registries, and much more!

1.  Submit the requirements to Get Started to be an E-Commerce Association member:
  • Fill up an ECA application form;
  • Submit two forms of identification (copy of applicant's valid id and copy of phone bill or utility bill containing applicant's name and address, and;
  • Upload your products to TripleClicks;

TripleClicks management verifies/validates and evaluates the submitted requirements listed above for approval..

2.  Shoppers see your products when your application has been approved. You and shoppers can online you products with other products and services of

3.  Shoppers buy your products at

4.  TripleClicks forwards orders for you to deliver. You'll ship the items purchases and notify the delivery tracking information to 

5.  Payment is transferred to you.

2. Selling your Stuffs as an Affiliate Member of SFI and TripleClicks Member Listing

When you signed-up as an affiliate of SFI and you automatically become a member of TripleClicks and has an to more than 93,000 products lining its virtual shelves, with new products being added daily.  TripleClicks is the international superstore of SFI and the largest "money-saving" online store in the world.  

Whenever, your Personal Sponsor Affiliates or Referred Customers place an order at, they save money while you earn and even can earn shares of TripleClicks Executive Pool.  

3. Sell your stuffs at Ebay is one of the popular and trusted E-Commerce Store online. It allows merchants and affiliate marketers to list their products for sale.  Ebay also allows professionals to list their services they offer online with their E-Commerce Store.  

How does this works?

You can only list your products and services if you have an account with If you do not have one, sign up here.

How to Get Started Selling with Ebay:

List it

1.   Get Ready to Sell-Product Identification

See what's in demand on Ebay's selling categories to determine what product to list with them.  You might get frustrated if you won't sell anything from what you have listed. View the saleable products here.

If you have identified the products you will sell, take at least 4 photos of your item from different        angles.

2.   Create Your Listing

·    Click the sell link at the top of any Ebay page;

·     Type the item name you want to sell using descriptive keywords to help others find     your          listing;

·     Select the condition that best matches your item;

·      Upload the photos you took earlier;

·       Enter extra details about your item in the description box to highlight unique features or defects;

·      Consider donating to your favorite charity-it'll help your listing sell and for a higher final selling  price.

3.    Pricing your Listing

·      A recommendation on preferred listing format (Auction or Fixed Price) and pricing will be provided;

 ·     A recommendation on shipping service and cost will be provided;

           ·      Review your listing-then click “List it” and you’re done.

Ship it

Choose your price and shipping option.

Choose the fixed price listing format when you know the market value for your item. 

Use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item. 

The quick listing tool suggests popular pricing and shipping options for similar items.

Watch a video on choosing competitive online pricing

Offer the shipping option that works best for you.

USPS Flat Rate boxes and envelopes are easy. Ebay has everything you need at a great price. You can even schedule at-home pickups and skip a trip to the post office. Want another way to ship? You can offer multiple shipping options at checkout, too.

List your item for FREE.*

As soon as you click "List it," your item is visible to millions of buyers. It's that simple.

Confirm that you received payment

Your item has sold, and you have been notified that the buyer has paid, pack your item safely and ship it. Learn more about sending items to your buyers

Use My eBay to create and print shipping labels

Pay for postage and print shipping labels that are auto-filled with your buyer's information from My eBay.

Leave positive feedback

Be sure to leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. This makes buyers happy and keeps them coming back.

Send the item to your buyer

We work with all major carriers for simple shipping with guaranteed great rates.

Get shipping supplies ahead of time on My eBay, like padded envelopes, packing materials, tape, and FREE USPS boxes. This way, you can package and ship your item as soon as it sells.

Get paid

The fastest way to get paid

To ensure quick payment, use eBay shipping labels and collect payments with PayPal. Payment times vary and some new sellers experience slight delays, so be sure to do the following:

·  Print your shipping labels through My eBay

   This will help you get paid in as few as three days. 

· Collect payments through PayPal

It's the fastest, easiest, and securest way to get paid. Create a PayPal account now.
Get more tips to get paid fast

Follow these other eBay tips to help get paid more

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