Monday, July 04, 2016

Earn Money from Android SmartPhones

Have you have the thought of recovering the pretty penny you have spend for buying your Android SmartPhone?  Would you like to earn money having fun while recovering the cost of your Android SmartPhone?

Admob is an affiliate mobile advertising company which was acquired by Google in May, 2010. Admob is what runs behind the banner ads you often see on your Android smartphone. 

Android developers created applications and games applicable to any brand of Android smartphones and earn additional revenue from the banner ads space placed in their creation for audience viewing. The application and games incorporated in any brand of Android smartphone are offered for free use and free viewing to Android smartphone owners.

There are hundreds of website providers that offer diversified business opportunity programs to people who own Android smartphones. Your Android smartphone can be an additional revenue stream on you as a user.

How can you start earning?  

You need an Internet connection with your Android smartphone to start earning money.

How to earn from free applications and games?

You can find free applications and games from various Search Engine Sites. Let's take a view on: 

What Google offers to it's users:

Google Play-You can use the Google Play application for free and earn free Google Play credits for answering few survey questions.Download the Google Opinion Rewards application from Google Play. You are required to log-in to your Google E-mail account. You can earn from $.10 to $1.00 which will be deposited to your Google Play account.

Be an Admob ad host to earn. Sign in with Admob by Google. Download the App Developer Business Kit through Admob by Google to start making your own App.  

Pay-To-Click through your Android smartphone-You also earn money by becoming a member of the Pay-to-Click Host Websites.  View ads, play games, download applications, view videos, pay to sign up, pay to lead links, etc. in PPC Host Websites using your Android smartphone is another additional revenue stream for you. View some of the Pay-to-Click Host Websites.

Google Adsense-If you have a website or a blog site, you can monetize the content of your blog through Google Adsense. You earn from Google Adsense when people viewing your blog or website clicks the ads on your site.  If you want to read more details regarding monetization of the blog content, read this:  Earn from Blogging

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