Sunday, September 04, 2016

Built Wealth from Your Thoughts Through Words

Have you noticed these questions in your social media account: "What's on your mind?" or "What's new with you?"

Have you asked yourself why?

Think deeper...

Everything we see online are the crafts of the human mind.  It all started from a thought which is invisible and became visible as a product when people express what's on their mind.    

By expressing human thoughts through words, anyone who is human can able to identify and classify all things in nature. God has given human to invent and even create words.   When you communicate your thoughts and ideas with words, they become your property.   When you use words, the more potent they are.  Words do not wear out and do last forever. 

A person with headful of words is more worth better than having a pocketful of money.  Money is usually spend or lost. While words when learned or acquired can be used over and over again.

Some people use words to help them get the results they want; even earn money and built wealth from expressing their thoughts through words. Writers, publishers and authors were able to create blogs, articles, journals and e-books expressing what they thought.  Internet marketers usually use the social media as their promotional site sharing their blogs, articles, journal links, e-books and earn money to build wealth, getting more famous, followers, hits and likes.

Have no fear in expressing your thoughts with written words. There is no such thing as bad blog or website.  Each blog post, articles, journal or e-books you wrote and shared might touch people who are presently experiencing what you have written. Human beings have both positive and negative thoughts with different concepts and interpretations.

In writing, you need to consider these three questions:

  • Why are you writing?
  • For whom are you writing to and what do you want them to understand?
  • How do you say your message that makes readers understand better?

Answer these questions will help you determine the structure and style. An example of this is writing a blog.  Will you blog be in a narrative type (narrating your experiences to your readers), informative type (informing your readers new developments or polices), descriptive type (describing the items you are promoting in order to make a sale).  Knowing your purpose in writing, will enable you to determine the tone of output and able to determine your audience. Never use high sounding and technical words that only the engineers would understand.  Most likely, not all readers are engineers and not the same level of intellect as you are.  Make it clear that everyone can understand.

Be aware that you can Built People's Trust with a Blog and earn money when you have shared your thoughts with the right choice of words. Remember that people who are looking for information that can help them in their daily lives.  It is frustrating to that some of the information are partially true that end up people being scammed.

Let's share good thoughts through words. Examples of these are shared experience in community for livelihood development, handicraft making, cooking tutorials, cosmetology, woodworking, backyard gardening, seedlings productions, fruit bearing tree educational scholarship grant to the primary schoolers, tree planting or a true reforestation community programs to help Mother Earth to be greener again and countryside development to assist farmers who are producing food to the urban community through blogging. Monetized your blog, articles, journals and e-books by sharing what you have created through words your thoughts to everyone.  

There are people who needs help and support.  Share your thoughts through words and monetize your blog, articles and e-books to the public.

This blog is an example of sharing thoughts through words which is hosted by Blogger and monetized through Adsense.   

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