Saturday, September 03, 2016

How to Earn Money from Your Knowledge

Have you ever reviewed Ancient Civilization?

Have you have a knowledge of what we have actually lost?

We actually have lost many Ancient technologies that we can useful to us today.

People of Ancient times neither do has specialist, known scientist, architects, engineers nor computers like we do now.  Yet they are more advance than us and live longer life span than us.

We still need to dig up history through archaeology to acquire the knowledge of their existence and what kind of lives they have.  Their knowledge and technologies should have handed down through generations to us now.  Their secrets were buried on dust.

Have no fear sharing to the public what you know and have experienced. There are people out there than can learn from you.   You can write your knowledge though blogging for free and at the same time earn money through monetization of your blog site. You can also offer tutorial services about what you know and earn income.

Have no fear to write and share what you know and have experienced. Language is not a barrier any more. There are translation gadgets available to convert the language you use to other languages for other people to understand.

Have a Google Account here. Then, create a blog with Monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

Why do I recommend Google?

It is the largest search engine site and have an access to other products and services of Google.


It is true that they are sites online that offers free blogging.  Other sites on the web that offers free blogging but do not allow monetization of your blog for free but for a fee.

Why Google Adsense?

 - You can customize and have control over the ads that are relevant to your site.

- Help center of Google is easily accessible online and personalized recommendations as you grow your business.

- You do not need to have to look for an advertiser to put ads to your site.  You can have an access other products of Google.

- There are more advertisers looking for ad spaces, more relevant ads related to you skills content.

- You can easily generate personalized reports, understand your ad performances and identify the opportunities for your growth.

- Get the right target for your site.

You might not gain 100% of the population on this Earth.  However, you will able to share what you know and have experienced that will reach the right market target, pass on to the next generations to come, get web traffic for free, free hosting with Google and earn money as well.

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