Friday, November 25, 2016

Building People's Trust with a Blog

Looking back on one of my post Surfing with a Purpose, people have different reasons why they are online. Majority of them are consumers/buyers and job seekers or business opportunity seekers. Some have been victims of bogus Internet Marketers who want to earn easy money online. 

Years back, I belong to the list of consumers buying goods online and have been a victim of undelivered purchased items.  I am not the only one who have experienced the same.  It is wise to find the reliable information before buying.

Blogs are tools being used by Internet Marketers to promote the products they are selling or services online.  Some Internet Marketers erroneously relied on catalogs, never bought a piece of the product they are selling online, can't even provide reliable information, true evaluation how effective and efficient the products  if they even haven't tested the same.

Be a wise customer, to find the reliable source of information before buying. It is a matter of searching through the Search Engine Sites like GoogleBingYahooAbout and more.  You can easily compare pricing from various reliable web stores.  

A blog can be a tool to building people trust.  Before creating a blog, think of topics that you best know. You are the expert and have the authority over what you know best. Some people would like to learn from others knowledge and expertise. 

A blog is also a tool for sharing and place for learning. If you are blogging on what you have experienced, some people like to know how you have done solving problems with what you have experienced and learned from you. They probably are experiencing the same as you now.

Your blog can be in an informative format. Help your readers find the reliable source of information in their research or answers to their homework like wikiwikipeidaehow, and more. 

Some people might think that monetized blogs were written by publishers who want to earn from blogging. There are people who got personal reasons in writing blogs. Some would like to build personal confidence, develop discipline and proficiency.

Know the true purpose of blogging.  You need to make a research on what most people want, how they can earn, save more and provide them where to find the reliable source of information to address their need.

To build people's trust with blogging, you should be able to deliver the reliable and accurate information to them at the best time they need them.  You need to update your blog regularly to gain web presence.

As blog publishers, let's consider time as more worth as gold.  No matter how much money we have, we can’t buy back time and it is a shame to waste others time for our personal interest. 

Make sure that the contents of your blog are within the Webmaster Guidelines.  Hope to see your blog online.


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