Saturday, November 12, 2016

How Search Engine Works?

There are thousand, even millions of webpages with potential relevant information that are useful for web users.  How does the Search Engine Work. or present these information when web users conduct their search?

The search engines collect their data or information with the use of search engine spiders or crawlers. The search engine spiders crawl through the Internet for specified keywords or words used, follow links from page to page, site to site.  The results gathered from the search are indexed and sorted on the specific keyword query.  The results are compiled and displayed on a ranked list of documents determined by the search engines which are most relevant and or important to search users. 

The relevance and/or importance to the search users are commonly determined by the search engines algorithms. 

Algorithms are self-contained step-by-step process or sets of operational rules to be performed for calculation, data processing and/or related automated reasoning tasks or problem-solving operations, especially by computers. Algorithms varies from search engine to search engine.  Search results vary from search engine from another. 

To learn more read Google does it Search Engine Work.

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